Tapping into the most eco-friendly energy source in the market Windforce (Pvt) Ltd constructs and maintains power plants that meet the growing demand for green energy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WindForce’s Social Responsibility projects have been mainly concentrated along the North Western Coast of Sri Lanka. Our CSR activities are centred in the District of Puttalam where two of the largest wind power plants are situated.

Our employees have distributed stationery to approximately 80 school children in Puttalam in addition to distributing 4 desktop computers to Palavi School and Sirambiadiya School.
Apart from this, we also took measures to donate funds for a much needed children’s park in Puttalam. Another park was constructed close to our site and we also gave over 100 students’ school bags and stationery for the new school year.

The company also constructed a volleyball court for Nirmalapura, for the benefit of the area residents.

We have lent a hand to those affected by the floods by donating to the victims to rebuild their lives. Taking this venture a step further we lent a hand to another 20 families in the area by providing them housing construction material to rebuild their destroyed homes.

We at Windforce take our responsibility to the environment seriously. In line with this view we have supported the Puttalam District Secretary by organizing programmes with school children. A programme to replant the mangroves that were removed from the lagoon due to the activities of a saltern was the first step. Close to 500 mangrove plants of different varieties were planted that day.

In a bid to keep the religious harmony in the district we have donated to several religious organizations, the company has rebuilt and constructed a temple and meditation centre in Puttalam and also donated funds for the annual boat races conducted at the lagoon during the Hajj festival. The Thalavila church has a new meditation centre and the Nirmalapura Church has been renovated under one of our many CSR programmes.

Apart from conducting various seminars and development programmes we have also reconstructed and rebuilt various recreational facilities in the district.

As an environmentally friendly company , we wanted to make use of the vacant land, under the windmills, to grow vegetables in a sustainable manner. A land extent of 2.8 acres, belonging to Daily Life Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd., was allocated for this purpose. In February 2013, an organic farm cultivation was established to grow vegetables without using external inputs to upgrade the soil. In a period of five months, this infertile land was converted to an orchard growing fruit trees and other crops that are generally not grown in the area. The organic farm is now a self-sustaining venture.

In August 2014, as a donation to those who were affected by the severe drought conditions in the North, WindForce in partnership with its parent companies provided 450 empty cans of 20 Liter capacity for storage of water. The cans were handed over to the representatives of the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka.

In a further attempt to curb the crippling effects of the drought conditions, WindForce, through Beta Power (Pvt) Ltd. and Joule Power (Pvt) Ltd., made a donation of 06 numbers of 6600 liter water bowsers for the immediate purpose of drought relief and the subsequent use for irrigation, agriculture and environment conservation endeavors of Northern Provincial Council. The bowsers were accepted by Mr. Hon. P. Ayngaranesan, The Minister of Agriculture, Agrarian Services, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Water Supply, Food Supply and Distribution and Environment on behalf of the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka.