Tapping into the most eco-friendly energy source in the market Windforce (Pvt) Ltd constructs and maintains power plants that meet the growing demand for green energy.

What We Do

The first to introduce this breakthrough technology to Sri Lanka, we construct state-of-the-art wind power plants that meet international standards.

We provide eco friendly energy that benefits our investors and satisfies the ever-increasing need for energy. Dominating the industry on our maiden venture, our team of proven professionals supplies our investors with long term, reliable and technologically advanced power plants that are guaranteed to provide an uninterrupted flow of energy.

Our legal, financial, engineering and social teams look into every aspect of our projects to ensure that client needs are optimally served. Once construction is completed, we also provide maintenance and operational services to ensure our state-of-the-art facilities function smoothly.

As the pioneers and leaders of wind power in Sri Lanka, Windforce (Pvt) Ltd provides the best solution for renewable energy sources.


To pioneer and spearhead the growth of Renewable Energy, and to invest and develop eco-friendly, state-of-the-art renewable energy plants that are socially, financially and legally viable to our investors in the long term.


To achieve an installed capacity of 250MW by 2025 by diversifying into foreign markets.