Gharo Solar to be commissioned in July 2018

Gharo Solar (Private) Limited (‘GSPL’) is setting up a 50 MWp solar PV power plant near Gharo, District Thatta, Sindh. The Project shall be setup in IPP mode in the licensed territory of K-Electric Limited (‘KE’). Construction will commence in July 2018.


Windforce (PVT) Ltd wins Global Sustainability Award - 2015

Further cementing their acknowledgment of excellence in sustainable energy production, the Energy and Environment Foundation recently awarded the"Platinum Award" for Outstanding Achievements in Sustainability Management to Windforce (Pvt) Ltd., at the Global Sustainabili¬ty Awards 2015. The award was accepted by Mr. Manjula Perera, CEO at an impressive event held in New Delhi on the 22nd August 2015. The award was presented by Ms. MeenakshiLekhi, Honorable Member of Parliament, Government of India.

Windforce (Pvt) Ltd Pioneered the wind power generation in years 2010 with their first 2x10MW wind farm in Puttalam. Then they grew their portfolio to 70MW's to date. They are now ventur-ing their knowledge and expertise into other countries as well.

Global Sustainability Awards organized by the Energy and Environment Foundation serves to recognize outstanding contributions, commitment and actions that have made a positive impact on the environment. The Global Sustainability Award serves as an inspiration for the transformative action, business excellence and environment management across the world by helping to improve the management of natural resources, demonstrating new ways to tackle climate change or raising awareness of emerging environmental challenges.


18MW Solar Power Project in Harappa, Pakistan

In a strategic move, WindForce (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka’s largest private sector renewable energy company, has taken the initiative of venturing into solar power and investing in Harappa Solar (Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan. This expansion will give the company a new path for acquisitions and expansion of its current knowledge based in renewable energy. It will all provide the opportunity for WindForce to continue to explore renewable energy opportunities and expand its portfolios in aggressive manner. Having completed the preliminary studies and obtaining the necessary approvals, WindForce is looking forward to a new partnership in it’s maiden 18MW solar power project.


Drought Relief - Nov 2014

In a further attempt to curb the crippling effects of the drought conditions, WindForce, through Beta Power (Pvt) Ltd. and Joule Power (Pvt) Ltd., made a donation of 06 numbers of 6600 liter water bowsers for the immediate purpose of drought relief and the subsequent use for irrigation, agriculture and environment conservation endeavors of Northern Provincial Council.

The bowsers were accepted by Mr. Hon. P. Ayngaranesan, The Minister of Agriculture, Agrarian Services, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Water Supply, Food Supply and Distribution and Environment on behalf of the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka.


A Helping Hand - August 2014

As a donation to those who were affected by the severe drought conditions in the North, WindForce in partnership with its parent companies provided 450 empty cans of 20 Liter capacity for storage of water. The cans were handed over to the representatives of the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka.


A new beginning - Jul 2014

Windforce has begun construction of two large wind power plants in the Northern Province. Developed by Beta Power (Pvt) Ltd and Joule Power (Pvt) Ltd the 10 MW power plants will consist of 8 turbines placed in a single row facing the Jaffna Lagoon.

Situated in Vallimunai and Pollupalai, Killinochchi these power plants together with the Puttalam plants, will contribute over 70 Giga Watts of green energy to the National Power Grid.


Avurudu Celebrations - May 2014

Staff and suppliers of the WindForce family enjoyed a fun-filled day of celebration and fellowship this with New Year at the company’s site in Kalpitiya.


Staff outing - Mar 2014

The annual WindForce staff outing took place at the sunny beaches of Bentota, Sri Lanka, with the team enjoying two days of fellowship and team-building activities.


Maternity clinic building – Jan 2014

WindForce constructed an impressive building as part of the maternity clinic in the Daluwa, Kalpitiya area. The building was declared open at a ceremony with the participation of locals.


Site Visit by Minister of Power & Energy - Aug 2013

Minister of Power and Energy Pavithra Wanniarchchi visited the sites under WindForce and showed her support for the development of renewable energy in Sri Lanka.


Organic farm - Feb 2013

As an environmentally friendly company, we have taken steps to organically cultivate vegetables in a vacant land under the windmills. The 2.8 acre land which belongs to Daily Life Renewable Energy was allocated for the purpose.

The farm established in February 2013 grows vegetables with no artificial inputs. Within five months the infertile land was converted to an orchard filled with fruit trees and other crops that are generally not grown in the area.


Commissioning of Powergen Lanka - Aug 2012

Located in Kalpitiya Road, Sethpola the Powergen Lanka power plant has 7 turbines with a capacity of 1500kW each. Construction of the power plant was completed in August 2012 and the power plant has been in commercial operation since and is connected to the Norochcholai Grid.


Keeping religious harmony - Jul 2012

In a bid to keep the religious harmony in the district we have donated to several religious organizations. The company has also rebuilt and constructed a temple and meditation centre in the area and donated funds for the annual boat races conducted at the lagoon during the Hajj festival. The Thalavila church has a new meditation centre and the Nirmalapura Church has been renovated under one of our many CSR programmes.


Another power plant commissioned – Daily Life Renewable Energy - Mar 2012

Located in Narakkaliya, Norochcholai in the North Western Province, the power plant has 8 turbines with a capacity of 1500kW each. Completed in March 2012, the power plant has been in commercial operation since.


Stamp and first day cover – Mar 2012

The Seguwantivu wind power plant was featured on a stamp issued by the Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts to depict the concept of "Sustainable Energy for All".

Issued on March 20, 2012 the stamp denominates Rs. 5.00. Windforce (Pvt) Ltd is privileged to play a role in the promotion of sustainable renewable energy.


Windforce clinches several awards for 2012

Windforce was awarded the Engineering Excellence Award (2012) in the category of Excellence in Engineering in the field.

Seguwantivu Wind Power (Pvt) Ltd was awarded a silver at the National Business Excellence Awards 2012 for the categories of Best Knowledge Integrator, Excellence in Business and Financial Performance and Other Services/Others.


Kick starting Nirmalapura power plant

The third power plant to be commissioned by Windforce (Pvt) Ltd., the Nirmalapura wind power plant in Kalpitiya was commissioned in October, 2011. Financed by Akbar Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd., Hidramani Group, Debug Computer Peripherals (Pvt.) Ltd. along with Hayleys Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd the plant has 7 turbines with a capacity of 1500kW each.


Renovation of Nirmalapura Church – May 2011

The Thalavila church has a new meditation centre and the Nirmalapura Church has been renovated under one of our many CSR programmes.


Volleyball court for Nirmalapura – May 2011

In May 2011, the youth of Nirmalapura saw the opening of a new volleyball court as part of the company’s CSR activities.


Replanting mangroves - Jan 2011

We at Windforce take our responsibility to the environment seriously. In line with this view we have supported the Puttalam District Secretary by organizing programmes with school children. A programme to replant the mangroves that were removed from the lagoon due to the activities of a saltern was the first step. Close to 500 mangrove plants of different varieties were planted that day.


Constructing parks and lending a hand to the needy - Dec 2010

In line with many of our Corporate Social Responsibilities in the North Western Coast of Sri Lanka, where two of the largest wind power plants are situated, we have taken measures to distribute books to 80 children and given more than 100 students stationery and school bags for the new school year.

In addition to this 4 desktop computers were also distributed to Palavi School and Sirambiadiya School, Puttalam. Two parks have also been constructed, one near the site and another funded by Windforce (Pvt) Ltd.


Commissioning of Vidatamunai wind power plant - Jul 2010

The second phase of the largest wind power plant in Sri Lanka, the Vidatamunai power plant was commissioned in July 2010. With a capacity of 800 KW each, the power plant has 13 wind turbines and provides 10 MW to the national power grid.


Revving up the largest wind power plant - May 2010

Situated along the North Western coastal belt, Puttalam, the Seguwantivu wind power plant was commissioned in May 2010. The power plant has 12 wind turbines with a capacity of 800 Kw each. It provides 10 Mw of power to the national grid and is the first phase of the largest wind power plant.


Flood donation - May 2010

We have lent a hand to those affected by the floods by donating to the victims to rebuild their lives. Taking this venture a step further we lent a hand to another 20 families in the area by providing them housing material to rebuild their destroyed homes.


National Science and Technology Award - 2010

Windforce (Pvt) Ltd. clinched the National Science and Technology Award in the category of Outstanding Leadership in Introducing Technologies (2010).