Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The relentless use of fossil fuels has not only irrevocably scarred the environment in the long run but has also pushed the industry to look for alternative clean sources of energy that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as hydro and wind power.

The emission of green house gasses has caused severe climatic changes that have negatively affected the delicate ecological balance of Earth threatening world population and tipping the scales of a regenerating planet. The booming automobile industry along with the growing need for electricity has pushed the world to invest in harmful fossil fuels which are slowly but surely depleting.

The burning of fossil fuels has released 337 billion metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide since 1977. However, it is estimated that only half the emission can be naturally absorbed, leaving the world with a net increase of 10.56 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. This rapidly proliferates global warming which in turn will cause the average temperature of the earth to increase vastly, throwing Earth into a doomed spiral.

The only solution to end this is quandary between increasing energy demands and depleting natural resources is investing in renewable energy. With industries pushing for cleaner energy hydro, wind and solar power will become the most sought after energy sources of the future.

If the opportunity cost of Fossil Fuels is taken into account such as the damage to health and environment, the cost of producing electricity from coal or oil would double.

Studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) show that Sri Lanka has the potential of producing an estimated 20,000 MW by harnessing Wind alone. Due to the monsoon winds that sweep across the country wind power has become the second most sought after renewable energy source.

If the country was to invest in renewable energy sources such as wind and hydro power, we would be able to equate the power generated through thermal power. This would translate to Carbon Dioxide emissions being cut down to 40,000 MT annually, saving Rs. 876 million a year in diesel and reducing the import of diesel by 10,000 MT saving the country USD 7.3 million every year.

We at Windforce (Pvt) Ltd. have invested in several wind power plants in strategic locations in the country gearing up to fulfill the demand for renewable energy that will soon grab the nation. Our wind plants located on opportune property in the North Western province of the country already provide 100 MW of power to the National Grid. We are supplying 20 MW of power to national grid from our solar power plants located in Welikandha & Vavunia. We are also in the process of setting up several solar power plants with state-of-the-art technology which will generate power efficiently and effectively.